Windsor Castle vs Buckingham Palace

Buckingham palace is one of the most iconic royal sites not just in England but in the entire world. 

It is certainly more famous than Windsor but doesn’t let that mislead you. Windsor Castle is an official residence and the largest occupied castle in the world. 

Buckingham palace, on the other hand, is the official and main royal London home. Both of these architectural beauties are situated merely 22 miles apart. 

Even though Buckingham palace is more prominent and popular these days, Windsor Castle has been part of English history for far longer than Buckingham palace. 

Windsor Castle is a historic castle built in the 11th Century making it more than 1000 years old. You can read the fascinating history of Windsor Castle to know more.

It witnessed most of the major historic events thus, is far more captivating and encapsulates fascinating stories within its Gothic-style architecture. 

Buckingham Palace, though relatively new in comparison to Windsor Castle, was originally intended as a private retreat for Queen Charlotte before becoming the principal royal residence in 1837. 

Windsor Castle on the other hand was built originally as a strategic post overlooking important parts of the River Thames. 

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One of the key differences among them is Buckingham Palace is not a walled structure and thus is not a Castle to defend a point whereas Windsor was built with a strategic purpose. 

Another crucial difference between Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle is the huge difference in their respective sizes. 

Buckingham Palace is almost thrice (39 acres) the size of Windsor castle (13 acres). 

Though Windsor Castle is comparatively smaller, it is open to the public throughout the year for the public to visit and get mesmerized by its amazing stories and amalgamation of a variety of architectural styles.  

You can read in detail about Windsor Castle’s opening hours to plan your visit properly. 

On the other hand, Buckingham Palace allows visitors into the Stateroom only from July to October. 

Although the Queen’s Gallery and the Royal Mews are open to visitors throughout the year. 

Both of these majestic fine examples of architecture include a huge beautiful garden, art pieces, and memorabilia from royal history, which you won’t find anywhere else.

Buckingham Palace has always been a point of tourist attraction for its beauty and strong royalties. 

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Featured Image: WILLSIE / Getty Images, Leonid Andronov

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