Trips and Tours at Windsor Castle

London and adjacent areas are world-renowned for their tourist attractions and Windsor castle is probably on the top of every tourist’s list! 

But one of the best parts of visiting new places is not just about the place but trying out new activities like trips and tours. 

Purchasing the basic entry ticket to Windsor Castle is not the only way to explore this magnificent architectural and historical attraction.

The trips and tours are the best way to explore Windsor castle with a group of people having fun and visiting the beautiful royal residence. 

The biggest perk of choosing one of the trips and tours is that they always allow you to explore multiple amazing attractions. 

Let’s take a look at a few which let you explore Windsor Castle and more. 

Full-Day Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford tour from London

This is a value-for-money day trip from London to Windsor Castle that lets you see the most prominent sites including Stonehenge and Oxford. 

This full-day tour ticket lets you explore the royal residence, Windsor palace along with the prehistoric neolithic structure, Stonehenge. 

And that’s not it, you also get to the fascinating city of Oxford and learn about the scholars and writers it inspired. 

What’s included:

  • Entrance to the royal grounds of Windsor Castle
  • Entrance to the interior of Windsor Castle 
  • Visit Stonehenge
  • Transportation to go from one site to another 
  • Personal audio headset to make sure you don’t miss a word of the guide’s commentary

Tour Prices: 

Visitors’ AgeTickets Price
Adult ticket (17 to 59 years)£69 (US $85)
Children (3 to 16 years)£59 (US $71)
Senior citizens’ tickets (60 to 99 years)£64 (US $79)
Student ticket (with valid ID) £64 (US $79)
Infant ticket (up to 2 years)Free entry

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Baths from London

This full-day trip from London to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Baths brings you amazing value for Money. 

It is perfect for those who want to see the most in one day without taking the hassle of buying individual tickets or commuting from one attraction to the other. 

This trip allows you to see the fascinating royal residence along with a prehistoric site that has been a subject of mystery ever since. 

And the opportunity to explore the Gregorian baths is like the cherry on top to finish a day full of history, fascinating sites, and amazing sceneries. 

What’s included:

  • Guided day trip from London to three attractions, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath
  • First-class luxury coach
  • Free WiFi and USB for charging
  • Expert guide
  • Personal audio headset 


  • Windsor Castle and St. George’s Chapel doesn’t remain open throughout the week or day even. For more detailed information, read Opening hours.

Tour Prices:

Visitors’ AgeTickets Price
Adult ticket (17 to 59 years) £129 (US $160)
Senior citizens’ ticket (60 to 99 years) £124 (US $154)
Child ticket (3 to 16 years) £119  (US $143)
Infant ticket (up to 2 years)Free entry 

Full-day tour of Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, City of Baths, Roman Bath

If you want to cover the most in a day from London then getting a full-day tour to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, the City of Baths, and Roman Baths is the one you should go for. 

Apart from Windsor castle and Stonehenge, You will also get a proper tour of the city of baths known for its elegant Gregoria Architecture and the fascinating well-preserved Roman Bathing pools. 

What’s included:

  • Admission to Windsor Castle and State Apartments
  • Entry to the mysterious Stonehenge
  • Visit the well-preserved Roman Baths
  • Pump rooms with spa water-tasting
  • Professional guide 
  • Travel in luxury AC vehicle 

Tour Prices:

Visitors’ AgeTickets Price
Adult ticket (17 to 59 years)   £129 (US $159)
Senior citizens’ ticket (60 to 99 years) £124 (US $153)
Child ticket (3 to 16 years) £119 (US $143)
Student ticket (18 to 27 years)£124 (US $153)

London and Windsor Royal sites full-day guided tour 

For those who want to know the most about various London sites and its fascinating trivia about Royal sites then the guided full-day tour of London and Windsor royal sites is apt. 

You will be guided by a blue badge guide and see sites like Westminster Abbey, Elizabeth Tower, changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham palace, Windsor Castle, and more. 

What’s included:

  • Admission to Windsor castle 
  • Explore St. George Chapel 
  • Witness changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham palace
  • Luxury coach 
  • WiFi and USB for charging 
  • Expert blue badge guide 
  • Personal audio headset to hear live commentary 


You may be thinking when to visit these majestic and royal sites and if there is a perfect time. Well, you can read the Best time to visit so that you can plan your visit perfectly. 

Tour prices: 

Visitors’ AgeTickets Price (£)
Adult ticket (17 to 59 years) £89 (US $110)
Senior citizens’ ticket (60 to 99 years) £84 (US $104)
Child ticket (3 to 16 years) £79 (US $95)
Student ticket (18 to 27 years)£84 (US $104)
Infant ticket (up to 2 years) Free entry 

Private guided tour of Windsor Castle 

If you are someone who wants to explore the beautiful Windsor castle and know more in-depth about the rich and fascinating history of this royal residence then you should go for the Private guided tour. 

You and your group can have a private experience led by an expert yet friendly guide who will give you a whole new perspective on this elegant and beautiful castle. 

The best thing about the private tour of Windsor castle is that you don’t have to rush or hurry. You will have plenty of time to stop, admire, pose and click photos. 

You also have the Flexibility to choose either a morning or afternoon tour. 

What’s included:

  •  Admission to Windsor Castle 
  • Explore St. George Chapel 
  • A friendly and expert Guide 
  • Personalized introduction and fascinating trivia by the guide to Windsor and St George’s Chapel
  • Plenty of time to take photos of your favorite places 

Tour Prices:

Visitors’ AgeTickets Price
Adult ticket (12 to 100 years) £448 (US $540)
Child ticket (4 to 11 years) £30 (US $36)
Infant ticket (up to 3 years Free entry 

Afternoon guided Windsor tour from London

Afternoon guided Windsor tour from London
Image: Wikipedia.org

Half-day guided tour to Windsor for people who are pretty busy during the first half of the day, you can buy the Royal Windsor afternoon tour from London. 

You will be accompanied by a professional guide who will tell you the amazing history of the castle and much more. 

What’s Included: 

  • Admission to Windsor castle 
  • An expert guide 
  • Personal audio headset 
  • Free WiFi 
  • An audio guide in other languages

Tour Prices: 

Visitors’ AgeTickets Price (£)
Adult ticket (17 to 59 years) £65 (US $80)
Senior citizens’ ticket (60 to 99 years) £59 (US $73)
Child ticket (3 to 16 years) £55 (US $66)
Student ticket (up to 99 years)£59 (US $73)
Infant ticket (up to 2 years) Free entry

Note: If you are looking for more tours including a combination of two or more attractions, choose the combo tickets.

Featured Image: Rct.uk

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