Windsor Castle Gift Shop

When visiting Windsor Castle, you will see plenty of amazing sights and experience things that will leave you speechless. 

From the golden opulence of State Rooms to the priceless art pieces, each and every small detailed historic memorabilia will sweep you off your feet. 

The Castle, being so huge, has almost everything in it. With more than a thousand rooms, you are bound to have everything inside. And this includes a fancy gift shop as well. 

To make the visit to Windsor castle even more memorable, you should consider stopping by one of the most luxurious gift shops you will find at any attraction. 

How often do you get a chance to visit a 1000-year-old royal castle anyway? So, make the most of it once you have bought the entry ticket to Windsor castle

You can learn about Windsor Castle opening times to plan your visit. Learn about all the amazing things you can explore and watch inside Windsor Castle to know what lies ahead of you.

Stop by the Royal Gift Shop, Windsor Castle, neatly tucked along the State Apartments, here you will find the China Museum housing the original china pieces from the Royal Collection for viewing as well. 

You will have the opportunity to buy the china ranges inspired by the royal collection made in potteries in England using the traditional methods that have remained unchanged for 250 years. 

A range of official chinaware hand-made in Stoke-on-Trent by the Royal Collection Trust to celebrate the platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen in 2022 is also on sale for you to purchase. 

Apart from the fine range of chinaware, you can buy some exclusive gifts and royal souvenirs such as fancy jewelry, homemade, delicious food and drinks, and charming gifts for your children. 

The best thing about the gift shop is all the purchases you make, either in-store or online, go to the upkeep and care of the Royal Collection; one of the largest and most important art collections in the world. 

You can proudly say that you have a part of Windsor Castle with you at home and remember this amazing day visiting Windsor Castle fondly. 

Don’t forget, you will need an entry ticket in order to explore and visit the exclusive gift shop. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your entry ticket to Windsor Castle now!

The prices for the entry ticket to Windsor Castle start from a mere £27.

Featured Image: Windsor.gov.uk

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