Activities and Events at Windsor Castle

At Windsor Castle, you will be mesmerized by the intricate Gothic architecture of the St. George’s Chapel and spellbound by the ornate declaration of the State Apartments. 

But these are just a couple of highlights of the visit to Windsor castle. There are tons of other Windsor Castle activities that you can witness. 

Christmas at Windsor Castle

Christmas at Windsor Castle
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Apart from the alluring and fascinating stories of the Castle, you can enjoy a range of activities. And one of the most prominent ones is Christmas at Windsor Castle. 

During the month of December, on particular days, you can experience the State Apartments decorated for Christmas. 

The decoration includes the obvious glitz and glitter but the main attraction has to be the centerpiece at St. George’s Hall, which is more than 6 meters high. 

It is laden with hundreds of twinkling lights and ornaments, certainly, a sight to behold that will put you in a festive mood. 

You can enjoy listening to local school and community choir during the celebration as well. It is one of the things you shouldn’t miss on your visit. 

Know the Windsor Castle opening times so that you can plan your visit accordingly and don’t miss out on these unforgettable moments. 

And the best thing is this is included in the basic entry ticket prices of Windsor castle which start at merely £27. 

Festive Family fun 

Festive Family fun
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You and your little ones can enjoy Windsor Castle more than just browsing through the decorative rooms. You can indulge in some festive crafting fun at The Castle’s Learning Centre.

You just need to stop by the center where you can learn about Victorian Christmas and design yourself a memento to take home as well. 

Certainly, an activity which you shouldn’t miss out on especially if you are visiting Windsor Castle with your kids. One of the highlights of the visit for kids for sure.  

The Workshop takes place in the State Apartments on the first three Saturdays of December month. 

So, grab your entry tickets to Windsor Castle and take part in some fun activities while exploring this historical castle.

St George’s Chapel

The iconic Gothic Chapel of Windsor Castle is a hub of activities as well. 

The Chapel service is certainly one not to be missed. The ambiance and the experience are simply unmatched when combined with the choir singing. 

Or, you can simply sit and marvel at the beautiful Chapel in peace and admire the intricate architectural details. 

Buckingham Palace activities

Buckingham Palace activities
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You can make your Windsor Castle visit even more fun by getting the full-day Windsor Castle plus Buckingham Palace.

It lets you explore both the royal sites and be part of all the exciting activities in Buckingham as well. 

There are just loads of fun activities and things to experience. Let’s take a look at a couple of them. 

Bach To Baby- a concert

Your little ones can take part in Bach to Baby, Over the Seas, and Far Away. A musical experience that will take you on a journey of traditional Japanese music with plenty of tea and Sing-along.

A fun, interactive, and unforgettable experience for kids. Not often do kids get the opportunity to be kids and be part of a concert in an actual castle. 

Make sure you book the tickets online from the official site as it tends to get sold out pretty quickly. 

But before that, buy tickets for Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle to grab the most value-for-money offer.  

Japan: courts and culture 

Japan courts and culture
Image: Artmag.co.uk

The royal art collection is one of the most extensive in the world. It has some of the finest examples of Japanese art and design.

The exhibition can be experienced at The Queen’s Gallery showcasing an outstanding collection brought together to tell the story of 300 years of diplomatic, artistic, and cultural exchange between these two countries. 

This is one must-go exhibition for art lovers, it contains some rare pieces including samurai armor, diplomatic gifts, embroidered screens, and much more. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets to Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace starting at just £118.

You can grab a ticket to Windsor castle from a range of value-for-money tickets offering a variety of things. Just pick one suitable to your needs and explore the amazing sites.

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