Tours at Windsor Castle

Visiting Windsor Castle doesn’t only mean witnessing the luxurious and beautiful royal rooms, It is much more than that.

Windsor Castle has been part of English history for more than 1000 years now and it holds many fascinating historical tales within its beautiful architecture. 

But even before you reach the Castle’s main entrance, you will be given a 30-minutes Precincts tour by the Wardens. 

They will give an engaging history of the Castle from its origins to its present-day role as the official residence. 

And from there, you can pick up the complimentary free audio tour of the castle introduced by King Charles III. 

The basic entry ticket to Windsor Castle will give you a free Audio tour available in 9 languages, including Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, French, and more. 

Ticket prices start from £27. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a ticket and explore this fascinating place full of history. 

For all the history buffs and people who want to get the most out of their visit to Windsor Castle, they grab a ticket to a private guided tour of Windsor Castle

An expert Guide will company your group and you will get many more in-depth stories and facts about the castle. 

Or, if you want a personalized tour of Windsor castle then buying the private tour with a friendly and expert guide will be ideal for you. 

You will have all the time in the world as your guide will engage you with all the lesser-known fascinating history related to the royal family and Windsor Castle. 

TicketsTickets Price (£)
Entry ticket From £27
Private tour From £448
Personalized Private tourFrom £550

Featured Image: Windsor.gov.uk

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