Inside Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a historic castle that is more than 1000 years old. It represents a significant portion of English history. 

The Castle of Windsor is spread over an area of 13 acres, divided into three prominent courtyards and plenty of important buildings surrounding these. 

With so much history, redesign, and expansion through the years combined with a mixture of various architectural styles, this royal residence offers plenty of eye-grabbing things.

From the Moat Room featuring a bronze model of Windsor Castle in 1377 to rooms filled with priceless art pieces and decor, the things to explore are limitless. 

So, let’s check out the top 6 things inside Windsor Castle that make it worth your while.

Precincts Tour

Precincts Tour
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The Castle Precincts is outside the areas of the Castle and when you first arrive, you must join this free 30-minutes tour. 

It will set the tone for the entire tour for you. The tours are generally led by the Wardens and will tell you about the 1000-year-old rich history of Windsor Castle. 

You will learn about how Windsor went from a fortress and a Palace to its contemporary role today as an official royal residence of The King. 

The tour will end at the entrance of the State Apartments on North Terrace where you can enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding countryside.  

Here, you will get plenty of opportunities to click social media worthy photos. So, strike a pose and click some pictures at the world’s oldest and largest inhabited Castle. 

Purchase Windsor Castle tickets that come with a guided tour so as to enjoy all the iconic events, rooms, and even the minute things of the castle.

The State Apartments 

The State Apartments of Windsor Castle were designed to rival the royal Palace of Versailles in France. It is pretty evident from its grand display of golden opulence.  

The grandeur, and the tasteful integration of Rococo, Classical, and gothic styles in different rooms combined with the priceless pieces of art make the Stateroom a sight to behold. 

It is truly something that you won’t see anywhere else. You can enjoy these beautiful sights only by getting an entry ticket to Windsor Castle

And the most striking of them all is the Grand Reception Room with its magnificent chandelier and the unmissable large malachite urn. 

And you can’t miss the Historic Rooms which house some of the priceless pieces of paintings by famous artists such as Rubens, Van Dyck, and Holbein. 

The Semi-State Rooms

The State Apartments
Image: RCT.uk

It was Geroge IV who gave the State Apartments a new grand entrance, an awe-inspiring Waterloo Chamber, and a set of new semi-private rooms which we now know as the Semi-State Rooms.

These rooms give you a peek into how royalty lives and spends their time. These rooms are among the most richly decorated in the entire castle. 

The Green Drawing Room and Crimson Drawing Room are proof of it. 

The lavish interior and fine art pieces that you can browse through are even unmatched by museums. 

A portion of the Semi-State Apartments was restored to its original glory after an incident of grave fire destroying almost everything .

To explore and understand the rich history of the place, you can book a private tour of Windsor Castle that will be personalized just for you and your group. 

St. George’s Chapel

St. George’s Chapel
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St. George’s Chapel is the home of the Order of the Garter. It has been the location for many royal weddings and the final resting place of 11 monarchs. 

The construction of the present Chapel began in 1475 during the reign of Edward IV. 

A visit to Windsor Castle is incomplete without marveling at this fine example of Gothic architecture. Don’t forget to observe the beautiful stone ceiling which was later added by Henry VII.

Make sure you know the timing for the Chapel as it doesn’t remain open to visitors throughout the week. For more details, you can read Windsor Castle opening times

Apart from the marvelous architecture, look out for the spectacular marble memorial to George IV’s only child, Princess Charlotte who died in childbirth. 

Your online Windsor castle tickets give you access to all these fantastic locations within the castle’s boundaries. Don’t hold up!

Changing the Guard

Changing the Guard
Image: Windsor.gov.uk

Though the ceremony of Changing of the Guard is mostly famous at Buckingham Palace, it is carried out at Windsor Castle as well. 

The ceremony at Windsor Castle can be watched by visitors on Thursdays and Saturdays. 

It’s a colorful and spectacular ceremony, one that will certainly leave you spellbound. 

The guards arrive before 11 am. Although, depending on the day, the timings can change a little bit as well. 

The privilege of guarding the monarch belongs to the Household troops known as the Guards.

You can read Windsor Castle Vs Buckingham palace to know the similarities and differences between them.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity of witnessing the auspicious changing of the guard ceremony, book your Windsor castle tickets now.

Queen Mary’s Doll House 

We all have played with a dollhouse when we were small, or at least seen a doll house. Well, let’s check out what the doll house for royalty looks like. 

You won’t be disappointed as it is nothing less than an art piece commissioned for Queen Mary by the leading British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. 

The doll house is insanely detailed from having a library with more than 700 miniatures from top literary names to a wine cellar, a high-society setting for a salon, and much much more. 

The doll house is a perfect replication of an aristocratic hoke and even has functioning water and electricity supply. It includes contributions from more than 1500 artists, craftsmen, and manufacturers. 

It is certainly a unique thing on its own and forms a major highlight of Windsor castle.

Now that you know what to expect on your Windsor castle trip, buy the tickets!

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