How Long Does It Take to Tour Windsor Castle?

Windsor Castle is spread across an area of more than 12 acres, and is popular for its vast grounds, Chapel, Semi-private Statesroom and more. 

You must have at least two and a half hours to thoroughly explore the lush grounds, ornate semi-private rooms, and the stunning architecture of the old historic walls of Windsor Castle. 

One of the highlights of visiting Windsor Castle is St. George’s Chapel founded by King Edward III.

A visit to Windsor Castle is incomplete without witnessing this magnificent chapel made in late-medieval Gothic style. 

Thus, you can easily spend more than three hours exploring and observing the fine examples of art, history and marvelous architecture within the Castle walls.  

Apart from this, if you go for a combo ticket, such as Windsor Castle and Stonehenge together, you will need to spend four and a half hours exploring these amazing sites of historical importance.

Many trips and tours are available from London to explore this majestic castle. For instance, a Half-day round trip from London to Windsor Castle will take six hours or more including transportation. 

You can book a full-day tour of Windsor Castle along with Stonehenge and Oxford for more than 11 hours of non-stop fun. 

Featured Image: Reuters.com

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